Lauren Grier: Designer & Disciple

I have many entrepreneurs in my family, including my mom and dad, so I am always interested when I meet others who have ventured out on their own also. I met this “Mompreneur” through Instagram! Lauren Grier is a branding and web designer, and throughout our discussion shared with me her vision for the future of her business and personal life.

What’s involved with branding and web design, anyway? I really didn’t know much about the business up to this point, so of course, I asked.

“Honestly – I pretty much do everything!” Lauren said. “There are so many aspects behind a brand that you typically don’t notice. Think about your favorite clothing store. Everything clothing labels, social media ads, their website, the bags they use, their receipts…all of that has to be established when developing a brand and website. Fonts. Colors. Textures. I can really go on all day about this!”

She already has an impressive resume!

“I’m 22, so I’ve been freelancing for about 7 years. In a design class in high school, I entered a contest to have an ad design for a local business placed in a magazine. I won the contest, so my ad was placed in the magazine and I got a check, and thought that I was a big baller. It was really cool, though.” Sounds pretty cool to me, too!

“From there, I just did little jobs here and there for local businesses in my home town. It wasn’t until this past year after becoming a mom that I made it a full-time career. There are other entrepreneurs in my distant family, but as far as immediate family, it’s just me. I’ve never worked as a graphic designer for another company. I started Lauren Grier Design this year, and it’s really cool because different companies want a designer but don’t need someone in house, so they outsource their design work to me!”

Being able to run your own business is a blessing in itself, but there are certain perks that especially make the job worth all of the hard work.

“My favorite thing, obviously, is that it allows me to be a stay-at-home mom. Now don’t get me wrong, it would be ‘easier’ to go to a regular 9-5, because being an entrepreneur and a mom at the same time is really hard, but it’s so worth it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it. I just love being a mama in general, but being able to build a career with my computer and my baby in my lap is the best feeling. I still get behind on laundry and a lot of times I still look a hot mess when I leave the house, but knowing that in the future if my kids need to be checked out of school or if they have a game, I’ll never have to miss it is great.”

I am always amazed at the different paths people take and how they get to where they are, and assumed she had gotten a degree in marketing or something of the sort. I was surprised when she told me about her training.

“Aside from the multimedia design class that I took in high-school, I’m completely self-taught. I think that being self-taught has improved my problem solving skills tremendously and that sets me apart from other designers.” Now how amazing is that?

We know that when we allow the Lord to direct our steps, He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). Knowing that, there must be something even greater than just having the opportunity to do something she loves for a living. We began to talk about God’s direction and the interrelation between the way He works in her business and in her personal life.

“God gave me the biggest blessing that has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. God knew that there are so many things that I’d do for a baby that I never would have done for myself, whether that be starting my career, understanding my worth, or realizing that I really am capable of whatever I put my mind to. The enemy has a way of tricking us into thinking that we aren’t good enough, we aren’t talented enough, or worthy enough– but having a baby is a constant reminder of how good God is and I’m just like, ‘Satan better bounce.’” Preach it!

God arranges everyday events to our benefit, some or many of them unknown to us. He also places people in our paths that spur us to grow up spiritually, with unique experiences and interactions with others.

“My friend Mike was really the seed that got planted in my life. He was there through the highs and lows and he’s really just been that consistency that I needed. He has been able to connect me with some great people, including his mom who’s seriously the best, and he’s never lead me wrong. A while back he connected me with a girl named Paige who I am SO close to now, she and another friend of mine, Layne, started a small group and I think that the girls from that small group, Alex, Karen, Layne, Shelby, and Paige, have been the most supportive. That small group has changed me so much. My friend Courtney is also a major influence on my spirituality, as well as my spiritual mentor, Brian (he’s the founder of Think2Change).

“I used to pray and ask God for good Christian friends. I desperately needed it but had no idea where to look for them. I never in a million years thought that it would be through my business. I’ve been able to talk with my clients for hours about Jesus and that has helped me grow so much. I had a guy reach out to me for help with a website for his clothing business. He owns a Christian clothing line – His Image Clothing – and I didn’t think much of it at first, but MAN. He is the kindest, most genuine person that I’ve ever met. He is so in love with Jesus and I am so inspired by him.”

Finally, I asked Lauren about what she does in her daily spiritual routine that keeps her grounded and growing, along with how she sees God shaping her and building her relationship with Him.

“I just got a new Bible from She Reads Truth so I’ve been spending a little more time than usual in it, but I read it every morning before I get started with work. It helps so much with my outlook on everything else throughout the day.

“I think that a lot of times we feel like we are being attacked by the enemy when it comes to things in our lives, like our careers, finances, etc., but sometimes it’s God taking those things away because we’re putting more trust into those things than we are Him. I definitely struggle with that. I put so much of my faith into a job that ultimately does not matter. I get so caught up in the numbers that do no matter. He’s showing me the right way of course, but I’m hard-headed so it’s a work in progress.”

Aren’t we all, though? Thank God for His everlasting love and never-ceasing mercy. I don’t know that we would see the extent of His beauty if not for His amazing ability to fix us and our messes!

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